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Super Mario Strikers For Gamecube

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By hachibei on
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Super Mario Strikers for the Nintendo Gamecube vaguely resembles a soccer game. Sure, you kick a ball into a net, but that's the only similarity between this game and soccer. Unlike normal soccer, there are no rules against violence; feel free to ram other players to your heart's content. The violence portrayed in this game isn't very objectionable, as in there's no blood or anything of that sort involved.

This is a very fun game. The basic premise is 4v4 (plus goalies for each team) soccer, without rules. Like most Mario sport games, there are tons of items to use, such as red shells, bomb-ombs, and mushrooms. Each team has a team captain, such as Mario or Luigi, plus 3 sidekicks. 4 types of sidekicks are available: Koopas, Hammer Brothers, Birdos, and Toads. There are no differences between the sidekicks, just choose whichever you like.

Each captain has a special power called a Super Strike. It's a special move that, if used properly, can earn you 2 points. All players can also charge up their shots, for extra speed and spin. You can also tackle other players, to make them loose control of the ball. You can also choose to steal the ball without tackling. There are many other gameplay mechanics, but for the sake of brevity I won't be explaining them.

Overall Super Mario Strikers is a very fun sport game that hardly feels like a sport game. It's fast paced, and there's never a dull moment. However, it does tend to get quite difficult, especially towards the harder difficulties.