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Super Mario Sunshine For Nintendo Gamecube

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By pc200x on
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Mario is back in his first 3D platforming romp since the phenomenal Super Mario 64. Mario and Princess Peach are off on a relaxing vacation on Isle Delfino...or so they think. When they arrive, Mario gets arrested! The only way he can be set free is to clean all of the graffiti up from the island. Through the course of his adventures he discovers a mysterious doppleganger posing as him and causing trouble. Can he get to the bottom of the mystery and save the island from the mysterious darkness that seems to be engulfing it?

Super Mario Sunshine plays very similar to Mario 64, with a number of his moves retained from said game. A major difference, of course, is the fact that he now carries a water pack on his back which, if utilized properly, can blast enemies and jet him from area to area. Sure, it seems like a gimmick, but the gameplay is top notch, and a total blast. Another similarity to past games is the gathering of 120 star-like objects called Shine Sprites. The more you collect, the more areas of the game will open up, until finally you have a final showdown with the one responsible for the mess.

Super Mario Sunshine is a beautiful and fun game, much in the vein of it's predecessor. Don't let the silly title fool you; there's a solid Mario game here, and one that any fan of platformers should have in his collection.