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Super Metroid Review

Reviewing: Nintendo Super Metroid  |  Rating:
By Judith DaSilva on
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[Super Nintendo (SNES)] Super Metroid Metroid is a truly phenomenal series. In the games you must use lots of logic or just plain chance to discover the secrets to certain areas and find the solutions to many, many puzzles throughout the series. All the hidden items are also a great, Metroid-specific addition whose effects leave me speechless.

Puzzles - 5/5

There are most definitely plenty of puzzles in Super Metroid, whether you know it or not. There are so many different parts of the game that require you to either have insane brain power or astounding luck. One big puzzle in itself is gathering items. Hidden items are sometimes found through curiosity about the area with thoughts like, "I wonder what's back here." The way in which they are cunningly hidden can have an awesome effect on you, even when compared to the rest of the games in the series! The backtracking you must do to acquire many items in the game is truly an achievement when done. There are some select few whose whereabouts still elude gamers today. However, the items and puzzles are still only a small part of what makes this game so great.

Game Play - 5/5

The game play of this game is just great! On your first time trough the game you keep coming across all these strange enemies and places, as well as gaining various types of abilities, some of which that may help you in ways you never thought you'd need. The bosses' AI was great too. With all the moves in their arsenals many were very difficult to defeat when first playing the game. The frustration you felt when losing or having a hard time was that good frustration that compels you to try again and again and eventually savor the feeling of accomplishment when they meet their demise at your hands. Aside from all the fighting and puzzles, the games has an amazing explorational value to it. The only frustration I feel when I walk into an area I'm not yet prepared for or can't pass is that good frustration I mentioned before with the same ending benefits. With all games with the same aspect I just think, "I can't wait to get here later and see what this place has!" It just shows you that you have plenty more to go through. It means the fun you're having now is only going to be experienced again in a short while. All the hard bosses, strange maps, hidden items, and other things in the game, Super Metroid's game play is still competitive with today's games. All this made in its own Metroid way makes its replay value astronomical if you're a replayer yourself.

However, these aren't the only parts of the game that make it what it is. Once you play through a time or two, you realize certain parts of the game where the programmers intentionally included parts that allow you to sequence break through that part of the game. Just explore some parts of the game where you thought you could press on in another way. You'll really be surprised at some of it.

Graphics - 5/5

The graphics were extraordinary and very advanced for the game's time. The way everything looked and moved moved me in a way, especially the suits' different styles and colors. The game was packed with all sorts of enemies with so many different types of looks they could make your head spin. The color shading on many enemies and objects is something many fans of the game get their love for the look from, including myself. From bosses to plants, jelly blobs to explosions, backgrounds to items, and spikes to the ship, all the graphics were made perfectly.

Music - 5/5

The music is no exception to the amazement the game produces. It really created the atmosphere of the area you were in. All of it was even centered around one theme, an ace bounty hunter exploring a huge, dangerous, and mysterious planet filled with past bitter enemies scattered throughout its caverns. This exponentially increases the greatness of the gaming experience, and also makes your fondness for it increase over time with all the playthroughs you may have. I often find myself humming the Upper Brinstar tune (which is also my ring tone =D).

Difficulty - 5/5

My difficulty rating is based on how well-placed the difficulty of the game is, not on how hard it is to get through the game. Super Metroid has the usual increasing difficulty thing with how hard it is to fight to survive. However, the puzzle aspect of the game is what really makes it. The bit of the tough puzzle-type parts in the beginning with the easy enemies was the best way of starting the game off. The fighting difficulty slowly and steadily increases and intensifies throughout the game while the puzzle difficulty varies throughout, perfectly fitting with everything else. It really is just perfectly done.

Story - 5/5

The whole technologically advanced and futuristic feel has always been something I've loved. With the near complete absence of plot holes in the storyline, anyone would love it. When everything is explained, curiosity as to what happened is calmed, then focused on what's on the planet. The existence of the space pirates, a strange new life form, and the Galactic Federation makes the story itself. This is the one part of the review I've had trouble with, since I just can't find the words to explain how this makes the story so great for me. However, the fact that a single person with advanced, mysterious technology for the story's day is sent to take down a whole planet's worth of enemy strongholds, even multiple times, is truly astounding! That's why I got hooked on the Metroid series' storyline in the first place.

Overall - 5/5

All in all, Super Metroid is, simply put, awesome. It has all the backtracking, power-ups, types of areas, hidden rooms, enemies, bosses, glitches, sequence breaks, abilities, and great music you would ever want. People can hardly ever play through the game a single time, if ever. So, if you haven't yet played it, do so as soon as possible.