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Super Paper Mario: Fun, But Not Without Its Faults

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By wyattt on
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The Paper Mario series has seen some great games: first, Paper Mario on the Nintendo 64, and second, Paper Mario: The Thousand Year Door on the GameCube. The third game in the series has hit the Wii, but this isn't the same Paper Mario that you'll be used to seeing.

Nintendo has made the switch to a platformer/RPG hybrid to a pure platformer. Whatever RPG elements were previously there have been thrown out the trash, for better and for worse. In this game, you'll be moving from left to right like any Mario platformer, but now you are able to switch to 3D: a fun feature at first, but eventually it just becomes a nuisance.

The game is incredibly long, or at least it just seems like it. At the beginning, there is probably around 20 minutes of just text, so kids can and will get very bored quite easily. Nonetheless, Mario still brings a lot to the table. This is a fun game, but it requires a lot of patience and attention. Graphically, the game looks good, but the 3D enviroments are nothing to write home about. There are almost no motion controls in the game, the Wii's primary feature. And at times, the game can get very dull. The game is quite hilarious however, and some of the levels have a fantastic sense of humour.

Super Paper Mario is a good game, it's just not polished enough to keep a thorough, fun gaming experience. Fans of the series, diehard Mario fans, and platform-lovers should consider a purchase, but otherwise, this game is worth nothing more than a rent or a pass.