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Super Power Thumper Electric Massager

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The super power thumper super power massager by 7k corporation is an electric massager that has twenty (20) to forty (40) percussion times per second. The massager massages the user by direct percussion. The model that in this review is model seven two one T (721T). This model is made in Korea and the makers of this product is the new age health builder. The model color of the model is beige. The massager generates an infra-red beam to effectively sooth those tired muscles. I really like this massager I have used this for almost 4 years now and it never fail to relieve my stress from work. The massager relaxes and soothes those my tired muscles by generating smooth pulsations through my muscle layers. The infrared that emits generates heat so that it would warm the surface to my skin. It feels like that there is a professional masseur that is servicing me. This device has two (2) settings low and high setting.

A good body oil is the best compliment for this massager. A baby oil would do. I would put oil to my body to lubricate it so that the massager would smoothly pulsates into my skin then would penetrates through my body. It's like a self service spa.

To use this device is just to plug it into 220 volts power outlet. Then the massager starts to vibrate, the infrared turns on and generate gentle pulses.

How to effectively use the product:

Shoulders and Hand

First is to put it into your shoulders then down to your arms. After that to the back of your hand then the front of your hand. Stay there for around 5 minutes. Do that into the other arm


Put into your chest then you would run it in circular motion slowly and gently then near the joints. Remember to not put it into the bones longer because the bones would be stressed out.


Run first to the left side of your back slowly around three to five minutes then to the other side of the back. Do not run it through your spinal cord.. it's very dangerous.

Lower back

Hold the product sideways and let it massage to your lower back and to your buttocks. Hold it in the buttocks around three to five minutes.

Back of the thigh and back of the legs

Run the product through the back of the legs up and down to feel the generated heat.

After this simple massage, you would feel very relaxed, calmed smoothed and it's like you've been from the super special spa. Your stress is relieved and you can sleep soundly. It's good to drink a fruit juice after it to rehydrate and would also heal you internally.

My thoughts

This massager is perfect for busy individual and has no time to relax. This is very good for you and for your health because only our body is your asset. So pamper now your body and feel the smoothness and the greatness of this product. No wonder that it is called the new age health builder.