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Super Princess Peach

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wickedsushi By wickedsushi on
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Super Princess Peach is a platforming game for the Nintendo DS. The title of this game can be a bit misleading, as it sounds like a game specifically designed for little girls. While it's true, Nintendo did develop this game for girls in mind, I can tell you that I am a guy and that I personally had a lot of fun with this game. It plays exactly like any other platformer on the market, but with a unique bi-polar gimmick. Princess Peach can switch between her moods on a whim with a touch of a button; she can be angry, sad, joyful or content. If she's angry, she turns into a fiery woman who can kill almost any of the enemies just by bumping into them or by creating deadly earthquakes. If she's sad, she will start crying, run twice as fast, or grow plants with her tears. If she's joyful, she will start spinning and fly up in the air, and if she's content, she can restore her health by standing still.

The game can be on the easy, casual side, especially if this isn't your first video game. I don't think I have once lost a life or had any challenges while playing through the main story, but like I said, I still had a lot of fun. This is because of the amazing graphics, calming music, and the constant, fun platforming action. Anyways, do I recommend getting this game? Yes, but only if you don't mind paying for something short (3-5 hours tops) and simple, and find no shame in playing with very cutesy games.