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Super Princess Peach Surprisingly Good

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By lordkevin on
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Sometime ago I was stuck in gaming drought, I had no good games left to play, so I asked a video game forum what game I should get for my Nintendo DS, one of the replies was Super Princess Peach. At first I thought he was just foolin', I replied back saying I quote "lol thats a girls game.", He replied saying its actually fun and not cheap game that Nintendo made to milk the Mario franchise. I thought, what do I have to lose?

So bought the game and I got to say, WOW! It isn't a game Nintendo made for a quick buck or two. Its actually a solid platformer with some good gameplay. You play Princess Peach instead of Mario, who I think was kidnapped or something like that. You can control her emotions, which are Sadness, Anger, Happiness and Calmness. Sadness makes her cry which makes plants grow, Anger makes her invicible and makes her stomps shakes everything but reduces her speed and jump, Happiness allows her to fly, and Calmness makes her HP slowly heal.

The game plays pretty much like any Mario game, you can stomp on monsters and use her emotions to beat bosses and reach platforms.The game also include several mini-games, to this day I haven't played any them since I am not the one to enjoy mini games.

The game's music is good, I've downloaded some of the game's music cause they sound good.

Super Princess Peach, even though it may look like a game made for 10 year old girls, its actually a good solid platformer and is now on my list of games I recommend to people.