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Super Size Me

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May Monten By May Monten on
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In this documentary about the bad effects of fast food on people's health, the filmmaker Morgan Spurlock risks his own health by going on a 30-day diet where he eats nothing except food that he bought in McDonald's. His doctors urge him to stop when his previously great blood tests start showing problems, but he keeps on going, all for the sake of the film.

This movie was even more interesting than I had thought it would be. Spurlock puts in a lot of information, but by using quick editing, interesting graphics, and most of all, a great sense of humor, he makes the movie consistently watchable and entertaining.

There are many great extras on the DVD, including an interview with the author of Fast Food Nation, and a whacky, truly disgusting segment (I literally had to look away) where Spurlock does an experiment of leaving burgers and fries bought in different places under glass in his office, and then checks in every few weeks to see how moldy they have become!

The film had a significant real-world effect. Shortly after it was released, McDonald's stopped offering "Super Size" portions. They claimed it had nothing to do with the film, that the timing was just coincidence. Uh huh.