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Super Smash Bros Meleee!!!

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By lordkevin on
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Holy Moly, this might be the most fun I ever had with a video game! Even though I only played it for a week, I still dream about playing it. The battle system is amazing, unlike other fighting games, you just try to knock the opponent out of the arena, simple. This game was built for multiplayer, you can have up to a 4 player smash! It is very fun to play with family members and friends, this is even a better party game than Mario Party.

The controls are very easy and simple, to do a special move you just press B or B+up or B+down, its so easy even a monkey can do it. The graphics are very good, not alot of jaggies, and the music is top notch considering how this is a high budget Nintendo game. It has many characters but some of them are clones and differs only by maybe speed and power, but very slightly.

Super Smash Bros Melee is the best game out there for the Gamcube, a must have for all Gamecube owners and possibly Wii owners aswell even though the sequel, Brawl, will be coming out in 2-5 monthes from now, it will be great practice and seeing how it was from 2003, you can find used ones for a low price.