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Super Smash Brothers

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By dionysus on
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Super Smash Brothers is one of the greatest redefinitions of fighting games. Instead of focusing on lowering the stamina or health of your opponent your objective in the game is to knock the opponent out into space. The controls are fairly simple in that after jumping or while on the ground a directional push on the analog stick and A or B are most of your characters moves. All the characters in the game are Nintendo characters that have had their own series and there are twelve characters total and four of the twelve are unlockable. All the characters have refreshingly different movesets. The game has three main modes, versus (where you fight your friend), classic (where there are levels pre-designed for you to play through), and break the targets/board the platforms (stages where you can test your characters abilities). Versus mode is especially fun with items. Super smash brothers is one of the first fighting games where you can pick up and throw items and use them to your advantage. All the items have their own perks for instance there are proximity mines which explode after contact and if you don't like the items you can customize which items you want to appear and you may also choose if you would like any at all (customizability is an unlockable feature). Classic mode challenges players to beat stages where you are pitted against many enemies at once or one harder enemy. It also has customizable difficulty (easy to very hard). The target and board the platforms stages are also fun in that they are time tests and when you are bored you can always try to beat your own record. The graphics of this game aren't eye-popping especially nowadays but they work well with the game. It's 2D but it is a fighting game after all. The sounds in the game are very fun. The characters all have taunts where they make noises and the announcer in the game (he calls out stage names and character names) has a very enthusiastic energizing voice. The rating (T) doesn't seem very reasonable as there is no blood but suggestive violence (it is a fighting game). Still there is no coarse language and the fighting is cartoon-like. Even though it is old the game is very fun and easy to play. If you have an N64 there is no reason not to have it.