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Super Specs Much Better Than A Poke In The Eye!

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Joan Young By Joan Young on
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These goggles for racquet sports are a decent, low-cost eye protection.

I used to play a lot of racquet ball (and I still would if I could find someone to play with!). I hate goggles, but after getting hit hard in the eye a couple of times, I decided that maybe goggles weren’t so bad after all. The next issue was getting some to fit me. I have a wide nose bridge, and a very small head. These two features are never a good combination for finding eyewear that fits.

But I did find these at Target. I have been very happy with them, although they do have a couple of scuffs now. If I were going to start playing regularly again, I’d probably buy a new pair. This was a while ago, so I don’t know if Target still carries them, but they are available on Amazon.

These are a wraparound style with an adjustable elastic strap which has not degraded over time. They have a padded nose bridge. The lenses are high-impact polycarbonate, and claim to be have no distortion. Just having them on annoys me, and it’s hard for me to overlook that, but they didn’t really change my game any, so I would have to conclude that they do not distort the view.

I have been hit several times with the goggles in place. They have worked well. There are no real issues with raised rim edges which are slammed into your face from the force of the ball. Now I’m not saying that you won’t notice if you get smacked hard with a ball, but it wasn’t bad at all.

You are supposed to only clean them with water and a soft cloth because they are coated to guard against scratching. That said, mine have gotten scuffed. At first I was not protecting them. I was just throwing them in my gym bag. This is how they were damaged. They do not come with any kind of protective case or sleeve. Then I started just slipping them into an old clean sock, and this worked fine after that, but the damage was already done. And once they get scuffed, you cannot make them clear again.

They are really a fine goggle for many sports, and are suggested for racquetball, squash, basketball, hockey, baseball and tennis. They meet ASTM F803-86 eyeguard impact standards. I rated skill level at 3- wasn’t sure what to put there. I think they would be fine for any recreational player.