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Superior Healing, Wal Mart Prices

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This product is a great and HUGE value!

Australian tea tree oil is a native Australian plant with remarkable properties. When it is crushed and distilled, the leaves of the plant produces a 100% natural oil which is an antiseptic, a fungicide, and a mild solvent.

Tea Tree Oil Standards in Australia are high; So Tea Tree Oil can get pretty pricey, but fear not; Wal-Mart* has a solution for your every day needs.

Here are some(out of many) uses that Tea Tree Oil has:

First Aid-Infections, minor burns, cuts, sore throats, ingrown or infected toenails, sunburn, tinea, ulcers, golden staph, cold sores, pimples, atheletes foot and acne.

Cleaning-Tea Tree Oil does a great job cleaning molds, bacteria, fungi of all types around the house, you only need a few drops to keep your home smelling calminingly clean and green!

Skin Care-Its soothing and antibacterial properties can be used to treat psoriasis, acne, and many other conditions.

Hair Care- Add a few drops to your shampoo for an Anti-dandruff shampoo. You can also use Tea Tree Oil to treat damaged hair.

Pet Care-Yuo can find numerous recipes online for Tea Tree Oil uses for pets. I put it in my pets shampoo to ward off fleas!

I add this product to all my cleaning rituals and many visitors compliment on the clean, and calming smell it produces.

I have a bottle with my first Aid Kit, and it is the first thing I use before buying over the counter medication that will cost me money that I know I can save.

So how much do you would pay for all these services in a year? A lot! Wal-Mart* offers Tea Tree Oil at 5.99+ tax.

The purity and strength is so great that you would only need to buy this product maybe 4 times a year if you used it on a regular basis.

You could save hundreds! Thank you Wal-Mart*!