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Sure Secure Gate

Reviewing: Summer Infant Super & Secure Custome Fit Gate  |  Rating:
Jennifer Regan By Jennifer Regan on
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I have a very active toddler. He's managed to get past every gate we've tried, except this one. We purchased this gate mainly because it extends up to 12 feet, which is exactly what we were looking for. I was a bit bummed about the price, but once I got it home, installed, and saw how well it corralled my boy, I now feel it was well worth the price.

Compared to other gates I've had to install, this one was a snap, literally. Just drill the holes, screw in the hinges, extend the sides, and snap the gate into place. It took about 15 minutes total...most of which was taken up by reading the instructions and running after the toddler to get the instructions back!

The center gate is really easy to open, but has stumped my munchkin so far. The latch is easy to move, but the swing gate is constructed so that you have to lift the gate slightly to open it.

My main concern is that my boy will be able to rip the gate out of the wall, but that's true of any gate. The only design flaw I've seen, so far, is that the feet for the gate do not snap on- the gate simply rests on the feet. This isn't a big deal on carpet, but it would be easy to move the gate around on hardwood or tile. Feet with rubber on the bottom would be nicer. Oh, and the mesh siding could be a touch tighter, but again, not a big deal!

All in all, definately worth the price. I would recommend this gate to any parent trying to keep their toddler or pet contained!

Update On May 05, 2008: I find I need to add something to this review. Today, my little stinker figured out that he could stand on top of particular toys and be taller than the gate. He's a pretty quick study, and within minutes he had moved his toy right next to where the gate latches, climbed up, and tried to open the gate. Fortunately, the gate is still a little trickier than he can handle (but easy for an adult).

Now I wish this gate was a bit taller. It's 30" tall, which really should be fine for a 16 month old. The gate itself is still firmly attached and secure....I just think my boy will manage to climb over before too long!