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Surfin Shark Floating Pool Chlorinator, Very Cool!

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By mellaview on
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When I was a kid I always would imagine that there was this huge great white shark that hid in the deep end of the pool. This horrible shark though would only come out at night, and if God forbid you accidentally went into the deep end, you'd end up shark bait.

Such a wild imagination I had as a child.

Recently we picked up a really cheap Intex easy set up above ground pool, and although the pool came with everything we would need... I wanted accesorie's!

Floats, and of course a neat cholrinator.

I took a stroll to my local Pool Supply store and found what I believe is the coolest frieaking pool chlorinator available.

The Surfin Shark Floating Pool Chlorinator!

This high quality chlorinator is basically a durable hard plastic shark which wears sun glasses. The shark floats at the surface of the pool, while connected to his belly you have the chloroinator tablet chamber.

You simply pop off the shark from the basket, and add a tablet.

The chlorinator is able to be adjusted to let out as little, or as much chlorine into the pool.

All in all the Surfin Shark Floating Pool Chlorinator is a really cool pool chlorinator, and it is way neater than just dumping a tablet into the skimmer.

Since having the Surfin Shark Floating Pool Chlorinator floating around I have had no issues with it. It does not fill with water and sink, and it does not take on any sun wear if left out.

Highly, highly rcommended.

You can find the same Surfin Shark Floating Pool Chlorinator at local pool supply stores, or online. I wished I would have looked online first because this cholorinator is only $15.99 online, where in stores it's a bit higher.