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Surge Protector For More Than Just Computers!

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We own a few of these Surge protector Towers and I have to say they are exceptional! For under $20 they are well worth the money for the protection level they provide not only our computers but also our fax, phone and high speed modem. The tower provides a total of 10 outlet plug-ins, enough for me to plug in my laptop, two external hard drives, our fax machine, phone, a lamp and more.

When we were having problems with our Smart meter the hydro company came out and unceremoniously ripped out the meter to install another. One of our computers and the Internet modem box as well as the connection for our voip couldn't be turned off at the switch quickly enough and when the installer told me the house would receive a surge of power once the new meter went in, I was concerned that we may end up with a few fried pieces of equipment. Fortunately, this surge protect worked perfectly and protected all of our equipment completely.

The Power switch at the back of the tower is huge - a large orange LED light with three LED's that light up to indicate the status of the wiring, grounding and surge protection by indicating green (active) or orange (not active) indicator lights, located just above the power button at the back of the unit.

Two outlets on the very top of the tower are for "un-switched" plugs and then an additional 2 outlets are available with 6 more outlets laid out below these - and supplied with exceptional protection and giving me more than enough "plug in power".

The unit comes with a 3 year Limited Warranty and provides a safety shutdown which uses thermal fuses to power off the computer, fax, and other equipment in the case of an extreme or extended "over voltage" or when surge protection expires.

There is 1 "in" outlet and 2 "output" outlets for phone and fax and the unit is designed to protect fully against lightening strikes (which we've never had to worry about as our power lines are beneath ground and we've had no issues with that thus far) as well as protecting against line surges (which we have had).

It also has:

* High-Frequency Capacitor to reduce noise interference.

* Multiple stage metal Oxide Varistors (MOVs)

* Phone/Fax/Modem Secondary fuses and MOV's to protect from catastrophic surge and lightening strikes

* 6-foot power cord - SJT14AWG X 3X Heavy duty - which stores under the unit neatly.

* Outlets wide spaced to allow for large transformer blocks

* 15 Amp Overload Resettable Circuit Breaker

Since buying these surge protection power towers we've not had to worry about the protection of our equipment and I'd highly recommend them to anyone seeking a replacement to an outdated power bar or surge protection unit. An exceptional product that does what it should.