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Surgi Cream Hair Remover Face

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By ezriela on
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As I approach the beginning stages of menopause, I am starting to experience many unwanted physical changes. Among the more aggravating ones is that my hormones are causing me to have hair growth in areas I don't prefer to have it, particularly on my face. While I hardly resemble Gene Shalit, I do get some slight growth above my lip on occasion. I tried using regular depilatories, such as Nair, to solve the problem. It did help with hair removal, but was so rough on my sensitive skin that I actually got burns. I decided that I needed to find a product that was a lot more gentle.That's when I decided to get Surgi Cream, a hair remover cream that was specifically created for women with facial hair concerns. It is supposed to be gentler and smell more pleasant. Surgi Cream Hair Remover for the face comes in a 5-ounce tube and doesn't have the strong smell that other depilatories do. It really does remove facial hair, as promised, but I have experienced a slight bit of burning when I use this product. It comes accompanied by a 5-ounce tube of Surgi-Soothe Cream, which you apply after you wipe off the hair that was removed and this helps ease any burning. Everything is very easy to apply and, in less than 10 minutes, you can get the whole process completed. I do wish that its effectiveness lasted longer, as I have to apply it at least every two weeks. Still, it's a good product for an embarrassing problem.