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Surprise Me, Is It Biscuit Or Jelly?

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By ladychai on
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I was looking for chocolates to give to my daughter when she gets home from her dad's house when I chanced upon these egg-like minis at the grocery store.

My daughter loved Jellies, I would usually buy some jelly snack at a local store before I leave home for work since most of the time she will plead for me to stay and play with her. Jellies will somehow make her forget her tantrums.

So I decided to buy Chocettes but I just bought one for tasting purposes. There had been bad rumors circulating about Cadbury here in the Philippines before, I don't fully understand what the rumor was all about but I said to myself it wouldn't hurt me if I won't buy a Cadbury for now. Anyhow, I gave buying chocettes ago since I was curious with this product.

The first chocoball I tasted has the biscuit inside and I liked it very much, yeah I ate some of chocettes since I figured that my daughter will not be able to finish the entire pack and I hate it when food goes to waste. I love the feeling of having some kind of crunchy to eat and at the same time sweet so I tried another ball. This time it was the jelly and I must say I am a bit disappointed because it tasted like some kind of gummy bears because the jelly was a little hard. Perhaps I was expecting something similar with the regular jelly, soft and smooth, instead I ended up eating something gooey.

Nevertheless though, my daughter loved it that she ended up eating the entire pack in less time I imagined. This made me conclude that I like Chocettes because my child likes it and that's what matters.