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Surprisingly Effective Fan

Reviewing: Nordic 3ft Cylindrical Fan  |  Rating:
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When I first saw the 3 foot tall round, cylindrical fan with the 40-vent face that runs the length of it with 5 vents across which sits in about 6 inches of floor space I thought, "this isn't going to be very functional". I was wrong!

These tall, cylindrical shaped fans seem to be all the rage right now and the Nordic design appears to be quite functional and effective for keeping areas of the home cool. The fan we purchased is the standard white and it comes with a four level setting - Off - 1 (low) - 2 (med) -3 (high). It also oscillates in a 180 degree sweep and comes with a 120 minute timer for those who like to fall asleep with the fan on but don't want to have it run throughout the night (no sorry, no remote with this one I'm afraid).

I actually like this particular fan for a few reasons. It takes up very little space with its compact 6" circumference and 3 foot tall stature. It sits sturdily on an oval shaped base that keeps it securely centered and upright with no tipping even when it is in oscillating mode. We use this particular unit in our Master Suite which is quite a large area and although we've run the central air for those in the rest of the home, in reality, we haven't had any need to open the registers in our room with this fan doing its job. We purchased a second one for our daughter's room which is one of the warmer rooms in the house during summer and she's found it quite beneficial as well. All in all our rooms have been quite comfortable despite those few days when we hit mid 80's.

This fan is light enough and easy enough to transport to any area in the home you might want it to work in and overall, I'd have to say that if more of these came on sale - I'll probably grab some as I find that they work better than the original round oscillating fans do. The relatively quiet operation even on the highest setting is not bothersome - a quiet humming in the background is rather soothing - unless I'm recording. Overall, for the price, this was a pretty good purchase. If this is still in good operation next summer I'll consider it a success as we purchased a stand up oscillating fan last summer which died only a few months after getting it. I'm trusting that this one will have a longer life.