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Swanson Ultra Methylcobalamin High Potency Vitamin B 12

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This is a version of Vitamin B-12 that comes in 5mg and is Sublingual is suppose to have a high absorption rate. Vitamin B-12 helps in keeping the Central Nervous System healthy.

Whats Different About This Vitamin B-12?

When putting the B-12 to absorb under my tongue it takes a while to fully to disolve due to how hard and solid it is. I assume thats the way Swanson Health designed the Vitamin B-12 in order to make it better absorbent. Usually Sublingual Vitamin B-12 can disolve under the tounge after 30 seconds but due to how hard it is it will take longer to disolve all the way. The B-12 is so potent that Swanson Health says it can help protect brain cells.

Methylcobalamin and Its Effects When Used By It Self and Also When Its Combined With Another Supplement

It seems to work as my mind seems to be more clear about things when I take it. I can't really say I notice the effect of it really well though. The only way I notice the effect of this Vitamin B-12 really well is when I combine it with another Swansons Health product. The other product I take it with is Phosphatidylserine which is use to help support memory function as well as other benefits. I can really tell a difference combining the 2. My mind perks up and I feel very alert even when I've been up for around 10 hours. Its like I go from being tired to feeling like I just got out of bed. I basicly feel totally awake and its like I don't need to go to sleep. This effects occurs with no coffee required although the effect is even better when I add coffee to the mix. All 3 combined are a potent cocktail for extending my hours during the day although I don't do this much because its unhealthy. My mind basicly feels sharper as I'm quicker to recall things, and I even notice I can type faster and more accurate on my computer. I feel I can even review products better on sharedreviews as more thoughts just seem to come to mind. I basicly feel smarter. I do admit the phosphatidylserine makes me feel smarter on its own but Methylcobalamin B-12 used with it makes my mind very alert like previously said. I'm more prone to go to sleep if I don't combine the the Methylcobalamin B-12 with the Phosphatidylserine.

Give Yourself A Boost

Also If you need to stay awake because either you need to go to your job or just want to have an edge in the event of an emergency and you have to stay awake than combining Methylcobalamin with Phosphatidylserine should help. I really don't know if it will help you, but I know it helped for me. If you think sleep is a waste of time(like Martha Stewart, lol) than combining Swansons Health Methylcobalamin Vitamin B-12 and Phosphatidylserine together is probably for you.

The Reason Why I Talked About Phosphatidylserine

I'm sorry about mentioning Phosphatidylserine in this review when I should just be reviewing Methylcobalamin B-12, but I felt the need to do so in order to make this a better review and get the best use of Methylcobalamin. I wouldn't recommend buying Swanson Ultra Methylcobalamin to use on its own as the effect for me wasn't noticeable enough.