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Swap Magic 3.8 With Coder

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Arplix Franklin By Arplix Franklin on
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I got Swap Magic 3.8 so that I could play Kingdom Hearts 2 Final Mix when I got it since my playstation 2 is an American and the game was Japanese. Since I have an older PS2 I had to get a flip top cover which is pretty much a new top case with an opening like the slim lines have now. That way when you swap the load disc with the game you don't have to use the reset/eject switch which reboots the console and then you'd just be stuck. The flip top was an easy install just remove some screws take a few things off and put the new case on.

Only problem right now is that I ordered the one for my board which is V9-V10 serial 50001/N but for some odd reason the disc tray won't open. Like the flip case is holding it shut so now when I turn it on and a game won't load I have to push the eject button to get it to try again. The swap magic is a set of discs one for DVDs and one for CDs. Very simple to use just open the flip top cover, load the swap magic once the playstation2 recognizes it and loads it you take the disc out and swap it with the game you want to play.

The Swap magic only works with PS2 games not PS1 games so you have to get something like Code breaker for PS1 games to work. After the swap magic loads it gives you 3 choices Normal boot (for regular games I'm guessing), Special boot (which is what I use to play KH2:FM and Persona 4) and Cheat. You can enter and activate cheat codes and then swap the game. The big prolem though is it doesn't use Replay Max codes so you have to convert them which can be a pain.

I haven't had any problems with swap magic itself except that since I put the flip top on I all of a sudden get DRE (Disc Read Error) and I didn't get it before. My guess is that the flip top lets in more dust possibly or that my lens or the lens arm got tossed around on the install. So it makes it difficult for the PS2 to read the swap magic or anything else anymore. Like I said not a problem with the disc I can fix it whenever I have the time until now I just keep trying until it decides to work and I can always find replacement parts if I'd rather go that route. Anyway, the flip top and swap magic was very much worth the money that my mom spent on me for my birthday, and I'd recommend it for anyone who wants to play imports, backups or copies.