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Sweat! Sweat! Sweat!

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Like most Americans I am forever on the road to fitness. A road that seemingly never ends. To help me with my pursuit I have purchased any number of workout/excercise aides. My latest acquisition is the Sauna Suit.

I decided to purchase the Sauna Suit because retained water is an issue for me. I figured if I could have something that would not only make me sweat, but sweat in all the right places, I would be able to see results faster. And I have! This suit is made out of vinyl with elastic cuffs at the wrists, ankles, waist and neck. While I would never presume to tell you that the suit is comfortable or stylish (quite the opposite actually) I will tell you that it does what it is intended to do. After using the Sauna Suit three times on three consecutive days, I had already lost three inches off my waist and hips! Now we all know that the loss I saw was water weight and would come back easily, but if you continue to use the suit and watch salt intake, it stays off. This suit also has an added benefit that I was completely unaware of... As the mother of two children I have some less than tight skin in the tummy area. Using this suit has tightened the skin of my mid-section.. That is something I thought only plastic surgery could achieve.

Now for the cons.. This suit won't last you forver. After about three weeks of consistant use I found small tears in the seams. By about six weeks those tears had become holes. Also, due to the material it's made out of, this suit doesn't just dry. The sweat sits on it and stays wet. I have found that rinsing the inside of the suit and drying it with a hand towel is the best way to keep it clean.

Overall this is a great product. It has helped me shed more pounds, tighten my skin and loss the water weight pooch. It isn't as durable as I would like but at $12.00 it's not too expensive to replace every two months or so.

**Please note that you need to drink lots of fluids while wearing this suit to prevent dehydration. It should only be worn for short spans of time to prevent hyperthermia and dehydration. You should consult a doctor before using any workout or exercise product.