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Sweet Little Buds

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tink By tink on
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On my last trip to Target I got off track and ended up in the electronics section of the store. I have been using the ear buds that came with my Ipod and they kept falling out when I run on the treadmill. So when I saw the cute little pink package that says "SWEET LITTLE BUDS" I had to buy it! I love the color too. The end of the ear bud that you can see when you have them on is a metallic pink color. These are the perfect solution to my problem of falling out ear buds. These headphones have little rubber tips in different sizes so that you can choose exactly the right one that fits your ear. Sometimes ear buds are either too big or too small.....or too uncomfortable! These are so comfy that I forgot that I even had them in my ears.......well except that I was listening to music......so I guess I did know they were in there ~ LOL!

The rubber tips come in three sizes. The sizes are small, medium and large. They are very easy to interchange if you need to. I was using the medium sized ones for a couple of days and then realized that it was putting too much pressure on my ear. So I switched over to the large ones and they fit much better.

Sony makes quality products so I knew I was getting a great item. I thought maybe the price was too cheap compared to the other ear buds that were hanging next to them. But I think I got a great deal and a fantastic product!

I am very pleased with the quality of sound that comes out of the ear buds too. It definately cancels out all noises when I am wearing them. How can I say that so confidently? Well when I had them on recently I could not hear my husband yelling that the phone was ringing!

These would make an awesome gift!