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Sweet Obsession Chocolate I Don't Think So

Reviewing: Sweet Obsession Dark Chocolate 5.3 Oz Bar  |  Rating:
Joan Young By Joan Young on
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Sweet Obsession bar

Sweet Obsession Chocolate is labeled “Fine European Chocolate, simply the finest chocolate on earth, ” but I didn’t like it at all. That’s saying something.

This is a large, 5.3 ounce bar of dark chocolate. It’s imported from Poland. However, the price of only $1.25 should have been a warning. The percent cacao is not listed, but it’s pretty high. Usually, I say, “The higher the better, ” but not this time.

Actually, hubby bought this, and we broke it open and ate some in the car on the way home. I thought it was awful. I put one square in my mouth and waited for the chocolate taste, the melting sensation, anything. Nope. It tasted surprisingly like nothing at all. I don’t even mind sucking on a small piece of baking chocolate occasionally, so the “darkness” was not the issue. It just didn’t taste like chocolate. And it took a long time before it began to deform and soften in my mouth. This just wasn’t an enjoyable experience.

In all fairness, hubby says that he likes the Sweet Obsession Chocolate. He says, “It tastes like pretty good dark chocolate.” He’s known to be a chocolate snob, so... what can I say? I can certainly say that he won’t have to fight me for the rest of the bar!

It’s very solid, so could be shaved to put on things as a topping. But the lack of flavor would lead me to just use baking chocolate.

The bar is scored into 28 squares. The package calls a serving 7.5 squares, at 200 calories, with 110 calories from fat.