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Sweet Relief From Blister Care Cushion

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It's good to be back and reviewing after two years!

Today, I'm going to talk about the blister care cushion from Target's brand, Up and Up. It has become an invaluable first aid tool at my part-time job, and I simply cannot stress how much I adore this little blister cushion.

I work part-time during the summer and breaks as a sales associate in a popular women's clothing store. As part of the dress code, we're supposed to wear 'dressy' shoes and most often this means...heels. While I love the look of a lovely stiletto shoe or a three-inch patent leather heel, they take a considerable toll on my poor feet. So day after day, I'd come home, partially disabled by my attractive but highly uncomfortable footwear, feet covered in ugly oozing blisters. And it wasn't just a problem at home, either; customers were beginning to notice my pain at work (I was approached several times in one day by concerned ladies who could tell I was in excruciating agony). I went through two boxes of band-aids in a week, as they would continuously peel off or get stuck to my shoes or rub uncomfortably against my skin.

Tired of my complaints, a friend passed me a box of Up and Up Blister Care Cushions (6 pack). These cushions are flexible, latex-free strips of a cushy, soft, almost skin-like material that you place over a blistered area. I was a little hesitant at first, because the entire strip was sticky--wouldn't it be painful to peel off? Not at all, as it turns out. And they remain in place through rain and sleet and snow, until you take them off, which means you can shower and not only will they not come off, they completely waterproof your blister. They also take considerable pressure off the affected area, which means you can continue to wear your shoes as usual without the pain they would normally cause, rubbing up against your blisters. I stuck my first one on my heel, and it stayed like a dream until I finally pulled it off, at which point my blisters were almost healed. I am so pleased with this product, and I will continue to purchase more for all my heel-healing needs.