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Swiffer Clean!!!

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Jessica Yamaguchi By Jessica Yamaguchi on
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I bought the Swiffer Wet Jet Primarily because I have a crawling 7 month old. I wanted to be able to quickly and easily get the floors clean. Before I actually got one, I had been watching all of the commercials for months! I thought it was a great idea...if it would actually clean! I mean I hate mops! I hate touching the nasty mop head part to ring it out or change it…whatever! I think that it’s just gross to touch! Plus, I’m not convinced that all the germs don’t throw a party and hang out in the nasty old thing! Which leads me to my next thought…am I rubbing those nasty germs all over my floor every time I mop? Eeeewww! …and mop water…GROSS! So since the Swiffer has disposable cleaning pads I thought this would be ideal.

We were shopping in Sam’s Club when I finally got mine...they have the “Value Pack” for $20.99. It comes with 1 power mop, 12 disposable cleaning pads, 1 scrubbing strip, and 2 1 liter bottles of multipurpose cleaning solution. It also requires 4 AA batteries that are NOT included.

This was very easy to put together. The handles and cleaning unit just snap together, put the batteries in, Pop the multipurpose cleaner bottle into the holder/dispenser, stick a pad on and you are ready to rock…or should I say Mop? By the way...the pad just “Velcro’s” on…sounds weird…I thought it would come off when I was using it but it does not.

You just push the dispense button located at the top of the handle…it causes the cleaner to spray out in front of the mop/pad, and you go. The multipurpose cleaner has a fresh scent…I like it but it is kind of strong. It does a REALLY good job actually CLEANING the floor. If there is a harder to clean spot, you just push the button to spray it and let it sit for a sec…then carry on. After mopping my floor the first time with this I had to check out the pad…there’s a “liner” that traps all the dirt inside the pad…and the best part it just pulls off like a band aid and you throw it away. Yes you still have to touch it (kind of) I use a paper towel to grab a corner to pull it off. I like this much better than the regular mops I’ve used, and it works just as well if not better! Spills and drips are so much faster and easier to clean up! This has a nice slender design, and the 'mop head" swivels which makes cleaning tight spaces and the very edges by the walls easier. There is also a scrubbie pad attached to one side. I haven't had to use it yet but, it seems like it is in a weird spot. Also, it does NOT leave a residue, you DO NOT have to "rinse" the cleaning solution off the floor...I REALLY like that about this product.

It was so funny the first time we used this! My husband was following me around the kitchen saying "I wanna try!..Are you gonna let me try?!" I had to laugh! Another great thing...now when ever he drips coffee or what ever on the floor, instead of leaving it for ME...he just grabs the Swiffer and does it himself! Dirty foot prints when he comes home from work...FAST clean up! He does it himself now!! I LOVE IT!!!

Swiffer also makes an anti-bacterial cleaner that you can use with the Swiffer Wet Jet. I am going to try that next since I have the little one crawling around. I like this “mop” a LOT!! And would recommend it to anyone that wants to make mopping easier and faster!

I got mine at Sam's Club. I think thats the best price I've seen. They are available and easy to find in most stores. The refill pads and cleaner as well.