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Swiffer Vacuum Sweeper Plus Vac Great Buy!

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Jeannie Edge By Jeannie Edge on
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Goodbye broom and dustpan! Hello Swiffer Sweeper! I have never felt this way about anything that has to do with housecleaning before. However, I have to say, "I am excited about the Swiffer SweeperVac!"

I have custody of 9 grandchildren and, believe me, we have crumbs and messes! When a cleaning tool makes clean-up as easy as the Swiffer SweeperVac does, I'm going to love it!

The SweeperVac is part vacuum and part dust cloth. It is for use on floors only, no carpet. It weighs in at just under 12 lbs, is rechargeable, and requires no bag.

The head of the sweeper has a small vacuum area at the front of it. It is small, but will pick up your crumbs, small cereal, leaves and pieces of trash. The rest of the head is an area to place the dust cloth. This is a textured, disposable cloth that will pick up dust, lint and dog hair that the vacuum can't get. It leaves the floor with a "just cleaned" look. This machine does the job!

The cup for trash and crumbs is very easy to empty. With the touch of a button, you remove the cup. There is a filter in the cup, so remove that, as well. Empty the cup, shake off the filter, and, voila!, you're finished! Just put the filter back in the cup and place the cup back in the machine. It is easy and quick!

It is rechargeable and the charge lasts quite some time. I can do about 1200 sf and still have enough to go downstairs and sweep up a bedroom, plus clean up around the table and kitchen a couple of times for about 2 days.

Charging is simple. Just plug the cord into the charging slot and leave for a few hours. Hopefully, you have remembered to plug the cord into the wall, as well.

WalMart sells the Swiffer SweeperVac for $35.94. At first I thought it was a little high, but now I find it one of the best purchases I've ever made. I use it several times a day and reduces cleaning time and effort.

Now I'd love to find something that will clean the rest of the house as easily!