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Swiffer Wet Jet

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By aidenofthetower on
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If you go to swiffer.com the Swiffer wet jet is their pride and joy. It is here that they tell you that this is a product that locks in dirt so you can just throw it away, leaves a fresh clean smell, leaves the floors vertially residue free, lets them shine, and cleans so well, you will see the difference. It is an add similar to this that made me purchase the Swiffer Wet Jet.

The Swiffer Wet Jet was bought at a reasonable price for products comparable. It was easy to assemble. The product has a velcrow cleaning pad that is easy to put on and take off. The cleaning solution comes out at the press of a button. It is fairly easy to use. You press the button, the cleaning solution comes out, and then you use the bad to mop it up. There is even an attached scrubbing strip so you can scrub stuck on messes or dirtier places in the floor.

It is fairly easy to manuver, especially when not flipping it over to scrub. It has an okay smelling solution that comes with it. Now you can get better smelling solutions for it when buying replacement cleaner.

There are only a few issues that I have had. While storing it the solution has leaked. This made a mess that wasn't so fun to clean up. Because it is stored in a small space it wasn't something that the Wet Jet could be used to clean up. This could be a costly issue if it happens a lot. I have owned the Wet Jet for about four months and only had it do this once. We have very little lanolium in our apartment and saving the pad isn't easy to do. It gathers dirt while sitting next to the dryer. This means that to get my money's worth I have to be ready to mop the kitchen (which is really small), the bathrooms, and the entry way all at once. This is about half the amount of lanolium recommended for cleaning with the pad.

Over all, this is a good buy. It saves time, effort, and isn't too expensive for the convience.