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Swiss Tech Mtcss 6 In1 Tool Small And Handy

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Joan Young By Joan Young on
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This tiny tool is a respectable addition to any tool collection; it is not a toy.

The six functions it claims are pliers, phillips screwdriver, flat screwdriver, wire cutter and stripper, shears, and a rule.

Overall the tool folded is 2 x 1 by 1/4 inch, and mine weighs 1.7 ounces. This is really very little, but it feels very heavy for the size. I own the black steel alloy variety. The new stainless steel variety is supposed to weigh about the same according to their web site.

Swiss Tech Tools

It locks on to any keyring, or other ring or bar. The jaws can not come open unless both handles are twisted downward and the plier is pulled open. Every joint on mine is tight enough that it is nearly inconceivable that this could happen accidentally. If the tool were used constantly, I don’t know if it would loosen up enough for this to be an issue.

The tool itself is very hard and sturdy. This is not cheap metal that will burr or bend the first time you use it. This is a quality tool.

Evaluating the tools:


This was the main reason I purchased the tool. I wanted something small for hiking that was even lighter and more compact than one of the Leatherman multi-tools. However, if you need pliers there is just nothing else that will substitute. I have used them several times, and they are very handy. Note in the picture that the jaws will grip a hex nut up to 1/2 inch. I don’t think you could get enough leverage to turn a tight nut of that size, but the point is that the tool will grab most anything a small tool would be handy for.


Both screwdrivers are sized as #2. Handy and easy to use. They are on the ends of the handles

The flat head is very narrow... good for small screws if they are not recessed. It is almost too thin for some general, beat up screws

The phillips head is very handy, and is a good standard size.

Wire cutter:

Works well on any small wire. See picture

Wire stripper:

A little tricky to use, but it does work. The same place as the wire cutter, but you set the tool to just nick the insulation, and then pull to strip the wire.


This is a bit of a stretch, but they will work if you have nothing else, and there are some things that are tough to cut with a knife. You have to place the item to be cut between the handles and then squeeze the handles. This is counter-intuitive. It actually cuts paper fairly well. I also tried moleskin- an item that campers might want to cut that doesn’t work with a knife. As you can see in the photo, the tool did manage to cut it, but it’s rather mangled. Don’t count on this as a pair of scissors!


There are 1/8" markings on the side of the handle.

Comments as a backpacking tool:

It feels so heavy for its size that I keep wanting to leave it home. But if you need pliers, nothing else will do, and it’s still a very modest amount of weight. In comparison, I bought a cheap folding plier (with various other blades and tools) that weighed only 1.3 ounces. But the first time I used it I bent it with my bare hands. I guarantee that you won’t bend the Swiss Tech tool with your bare hands!

The price is so reasonable, and the tool is so handy, I don’t know why everyone doesn’t have one!