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Swivel Extendable Arm Drafting Light

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I have had two of these lights now and they are so handy. I have a drafting table set up for my artwork and have this lamp tucked nice and firmly into the hole that is in the desk specifically for this purpose. The first lamp I had like this was a clamp on which I didn't like nearly as much as with this lamp, I can turn it a full 360 degrees with no effort as it just pivots in the hole by way of a steel rod that measures about 2-1/2" in length at the bottom of the lamp arm.

The lamp extends to about 2-1/2 feet over all which is perfect as I can move it and swing it to any location and always have enough light to work with. I use a true daylight bulb in my lamp as I work with pencil crayons and paint and like to know that I'm getting true shades. The daylight bulb helps me keep my work accurate color-wise.

The one downfall I do find with these particular lamps is that the connecting arm becomes weaker over time the more you use it. If you kept in in one spot there would likely be no issue however, I move my lamp frequently and eventually I end up with a droopy lamp that doesn't want to stay in position very well.

The first lamp like this that I had was irrepairable but this lamp, wisely enough has areas at each joint that you can tighten with a wing nut type screw system. I paid so little for this lamp and yet it's been so effective, it was well worth the money spent.

The only other thing I've found in the last while is that it is a little more difficult to turn the switch which is located at the back of the lamp area where the bulb goes. That was the problem I also had with the last one I purchased - the switch would not turn the lamp off any longer. It's not a big deal though as I can simply plug it into a power bar and turn the power off from there if I really decide I want to be cheap and not replace this one just yet. For the safety aspect though, I will most likely just replace this one when it no longer turns on by the switch as it's not very much to replace it.

This is a great light not only for drafters but for artists or anyone who needs a light that adjusts where and when they need it to.