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Swivel Sweeper Is A Keeper!

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Call me paranoid, but it seems that the first criterion for my kids' picking their favorite snack is the amount of crumbs the snack generates. Dry cereal, potato chips, cornbread, popcorn, and don't even let me start with the crackers...who knew there were so many types of crackers-- they ALL generate copious crumbs! It seems that just after I've done the weekly deep-clean with the big vacuum, there is a snacking marathon. I swear they must be using each other for target practice with the stuff when my back is turned. What to do? Haul out the heavy vacuum several times a day? Use a broom and dustpan (doesn't work on carpet!)? Nag, nag, nag? I've actually tried all three...none of which worked for me particularly. Then I discovered the Swivel Sweeper!


The cordless Swivel Sweeper comes packaged with a 7.2V rechargeable battery, a charger (plugs right into any electrical outlet), a brush cleaning tool, and a user's manual. The user's manual includes assembly instructions (super easy!), directions for use (even easier!), and an order form for replacement parts such as a new brush cleaning tool (looks like a seam ripper), air filters (rinseable!), dirt tray, handle, frame, sweeper head, and floor sliders (provide a smooth motion over any surface). Honestly, it would be nearly as cheap to just purchase a new Swivel Sweeper once some of these things wear out ...I have used mine daily for 6 months and all the parts are good as new. The manual includes warnings such as not using the sweeper on coarse areas such as concrete (this will damage the floor sliders), don't use outdoors on decks or driveways, never using the sweeper to clean up liquids, keeping your fingers, hair and other body parts you value away from the rotating cleaning brushes, and not using the sweeper to clean up burning materials such as cigarettes. I guess they HAVE TO cover their bases, but those warnings make me go hmmm. To assemble the Swivel Sweeper, the extendable (up to 4') handle must be snapped together into the sweeper base and the battery charged for 8 eight hours before initial use. After that, the battery may be charged at any time (won't hurt if the battery isn't fully depleted) so long as the battery isn't left in the charger longer than 24 hours as this will negatively affect the battery's life. The brush cleaning tool is used to remove strings, hair, and other things which may become bound on the rolling brushes and trigger the automatic shut-off, which can be reset by turning the machine off and cleaning the brushes. Of course, one may clean the brushes regularly to prevent that from occurring at all--I clean mine after about every dozen uses because I have very long hair which apparently sheds a lot!


The Swivel Sweeper is cordless and lightweight (only 2 lbs) and the head swivels 360* to easily maneuver around furniture and objects. My 3 year old daughter can even handle it...and it makes her feel good to be able to clean up her own messes. It has a low-profile design which allows the user to sweep under couches, beds, and other low furniture. It is bagless, with a dirt tray which is removed by squeezing two latches on top and then emptying the tray's contents in the trash. I would recommend doing this after every cleaning session as the sweeper can tilt when it moves from one floor surface level to another and spill some of the dirt tray's contents back out. Of course, you can just sweep them right back up so that's only a minor annoyance. The Swivel Sweeper uses something the manufacturer calls "Quad Brush Technology" which means that each side of the sweeper is equipped with rotating brushes, which allows the sweeper to pick up dirt from all four sides, even the corners. The Swivel Sweeper has four floor sliders which allow it to glide over all types of indoor flooring surfaces--carpet, tile, vinyl, wood, etc. My home has carpeted areas, hardwood, and vinyl, all of which benefit from the Swivel Sweeper. One does need to inspect the floor sliders periodically because I can see how carpet could get snagged or pulled if one of these things breaks or cracks. They need to remain smooth in order to protect your flooring. Another caution is to inspect the carpet for strings and clip them before cleaning just as one would with a vacuum, as the sweeper can potentially pull carpet strings into the machine and make a run or snag in the carpeting.


I use the swivel sweeper every day to pick up those pesky crumbs, lint, and other debris on all my floors--carpet, hardwood, and vinyl; however, the Swivel Sweeper will in no way replace an honest-to-goodness vacuum cleaner. The best use of the Swivel Sweeper that I've found is for quick clean-ups between vacuuming and for that, it works very well. One of my favorite areas to use it is in the dining room as it seems to just float on the hardwood floors and pick up every visible speck. There is a medium-loud whirring noise, which is to be expected, which decreases in volume when used on carpeting. The very lightweight sweeper swivels effortlessly for easy cleaning around table and chair legs, high chair, bar stools, husbands, etc. The Swivel Sweeper also gets a lot of use on the bathroom rugs as it doesn't "suck up" the rugs like the big vacuum does. The sweeper maneuvers effortlessly around the tight areas in the bathroom, as well as cleaning in the corners. I'm seriously thinking about donating my broom and dustpan to a worthy cause....maybe to sweep concrete or burning cigarettes! Hmmmm. Though I don't have a flight of stairs to clean, I can see how that could be troublesome if the sweeper tips and empties its 1/2" deep dirt tray while one was moving it to an adjacent step. In order to keep the sweeper with a low-profile, I suppose the designers had to make the dirt tray shallow...it would help if it were a bit deeper, though. The Swivel Sweeper website mentions that the battery lasts for 30 minutes on carpets and 45 minutes on floors and that has been my experience. Once depleted, the battery must be kept in the charger for at least 6-8 hours but no longer than 24 hours. I just pop the battery in the charger overnight when I use it after cleaning up from supper and its always ready to go. The sweeper head folds up towards the handle to make for easy storage in a closet. The Swivel Sweeper has a 90 day warranty, which covers defects in materials or workmanship, from Ontel, with an address in Fairfield, New Jersey. In order to send the sweeper in for warranty service, though, a check for $12.99 must be enclosed to cover return shipping. I don't like that practice! The Swivel Sweeper is available online, via phone order, or at stores such as Walgreens and Home Depot. Personally, I purchased mine through a seller on ebay because I wasn't aware that the Swivel Sweeper was available for purchase locally and I didn't want the 2 for 1 offer through phone order or online. My dad bought one at Walgreens and my parents use theirs quite often as well. Wait! Is that a potato chip bag I hear rustling? Swivel Sweeper to the rescue!