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Sylvania Mp3

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By margie8228 on
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It was hard to decide what type of music player I wanted to get. I've been through many different brands, Sylvania is just one of them. This particular Sylvania MP3 I have to say is not very good. It looks almost like an ipod from the outside but the inside is very different. It took me a long time to figure out how to just play a single song, it is not set up very simple and when I was looking for a song I had to click through all three hundred songs I had to find the one I wanted to listen to and that was really annoying because whenever I clicked skip the song that was playing would slowly fade away and into the next song and it took way to long. There are a few cool things it has, like it holds videos, games, pictures, and you can record your own voice, which actually works good. There is also an on and off switch, it looks like a switch on an ipod that holds the other buttons but it's not it turns the MP3 on and off, this is not a very good idea because if you are jogging and it gets bumped it turns off, and it's a really flimsy easy switch to move too. I would not recommend this Sylvania MP3 to people who have lots of favorite songs because if you wanted to listen to them it would just take way to long.