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Syncmaster, So Wide That You'll Want Another Eye!

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Last time, I was amazed by the vista of a HP monitor, and I thought that was the end of my amazement. But I was proved to be wrong when I met with SyncMaster 943nwx, in Savylovskaya, an electronic market street, a nice place for our first meeting where I saw him standing priggishly on the table of cheap but good monitors. He wears a tag of 5700 Rubles at his breast, which for me, is a reasonable price in exchange with its arrogant looks.

The monitor is at its best when running along with my HD 4870 ATI graphic card, where I can set up the resolution to the maximum, which is 1440 x 900. And with such big resolution, and 19 inch of diagonal length of the screen, playing Gears of War will never be the same for me. This monitor gives you a new game playing experience and has the potential to bring you into the game dimension and . Remember, there are three factors of a great game playing ; good graphic, good sound, good interface. The former factor, can be considered fulfilled immediately if you have this monitor. The screen is so wide that it covers almost 99.9 percent of your field of vision. It is as if the view popping out from this screen, is the same as the view you would get on your retina when you're using your two organic eyeballs to look. So, when you're playing games, you'll feel like you're in the game. After all, that's what gamers are looking for, wrong I'm not, right?

However, SyncMaster will never be as ass-kicking as it is now without its side-kick, the Magic Tune Premium. Yeah, after purchasing this monitor, you'll get the driver along with the Magic Tune software. The name of this software is quite self-explaining, SyncMaster needs this baby in order to works its magic. Basically, Magic Tune can help you calibrate the color preferences of Samsung monitors, which is quite useful is you're a photoshop geek like me. Another specialty feature of Magic Tune is the Magic Bright and Magic Color preset option. This deadly duo are non-stoppable once they work together. Using these two, you don't have to manually adjust the color tone and brightness of your screen. Instead, you can choose from the available premade presets. For instance, if you're watching movies you should choose the movie preset, or if your playing games, you could choose the game presets. The result is astounding, noticeably different.

W00t, if you're looking for a cheap, superb monitor. Samsung SyncMaster 943nwx should be on your list. Wth the cost of 5700 rubles (150$), you can't go too wrong buying this baby for your home entertainment. I have him now, eye-clashing with me, in front of me. I know that we're in love with each other. Have you ever wonder when you'll find your loved monitor one?