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T Mobile Sidekick Ii My Hero

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Jonathan McLelland By Jonathan McLelland on
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If you haven't heard about the T-Mobile Sidekick brand, than you are really missing out. However, like all cell phones that are as advanced as the Sidekick III, there is always a fear that they will malfunction in some way or another. While this is true for many newer electronics, this is something that I never experienced with the Sidekick III. This is due to the fact that there have been two prior models of this cell phone, thus the "kinks" of this cell phone have already been worked out.

One of the coolest features of this cell phone is the QWERTY keyboard, which is under the famous "flip" screen. I have never been able to type so quickly on a cell phone before. While this is a great feature for myself, my friends are annoyed at how quickly I can text them -- the conversations usually end up with them calling me instead.

Overall, this cell phone has met all of my expectations, and then some. However, there are several features that need to be improved. The number one feature that needs to be improved is the camera. While on the T-Mobile website they boast about their enhanced camera, obviously they haven't tried it. During the day you can achieve decent pictures, but the moment sunlight begins to dwindle, and the picture quality quickly lowers itself to a fuzzy mess. However, if picture quality isn't a huge deal with you, than you can overlook this drawback.

Another small setback to the Sidekick III is the rolling ball. This is a great feature, which is 100% easier to use than the Sidekick I & II selection tool. The rolling track ball allows you to scroll in all directions, instead of just up-and-down like in the first two Sidekick models. However, the rolling track ball sometimes malfunctions, disabling myself from scrolling down or sideways. It's strange though, because just as quickly as it stops, it will begin to work properly again.

Even though there are several features that should be improved, most of them will not hinder your experience with this Sidekick III cell phone. I highly recommend this phone if you are looking for a smart phone that is neither too-advanced, nor lacking in features. Since purchasing my Sidekick III, I have never regretted a single dollar spent. This is why my Sidekick III will always be my hero -- or, my sidekick.