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tinkerbell By tinkerbell on
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As an infrequent cell phone user, I chose T-Mobile to Go Pre-Paid service. There is no contract, so that seemed like the plan for me. You purchase a phone that will run you about $40 to $100. They give you about 30 minutes to start off with. Then you buy refill cards or refill online as needed in increments of $10, $25, $50, $100. Since I do not use the phone much, my bills are under $25 per month. If you become a Gold Member, your minutes do not expire for one year and you get 15% more minutes than non-Gold members (please see story below). Overall, T-Mobile To Go has worked out for me. Though the reception is poor many times, I have managed to get reception from France while in the US, so go figure. If this was all there was to the story, I would give T-Mobile about 3.5 stars for T-Mobile To Go. Unfortunately, their customer service is one of the worst I have encountered. This is a company that does not care if you stay or if you go. Maybe all cell phone companies are all like this, I don't know. Here is my beef with T-Mobile: On the T-Mobile web site, they CLAIM that you become a Gold Rewards customer when you add $100 in refills. Once you are a Gold Rewards customer, you get 15% more minutes and your minutes won't expire for a year. Great, right? People, they are not telling the truth. What they should say on their web site is that you DO NOT become a Gold Rewards customer until you purchase yet another refill that is over and above the refill that put you over the $100 mark. Reading their web site, one might assume that as soon as you purchase $100 in refills, you automatically become a Gold Member, so you can relax because those minutes are good for a year. In fact, when my refill purchases finally went over $100, I recevied a message from T-Mobile saying, "Congratulations, you are now a Gold customer!" So there I was, with refills totalling over $110, thinking I was ok for a year. Imagine my shock when I checked my phone weeks later and found I had no minutes left! After many phone calls to T-Mobile and having to deal with many T-Mobile employees that just do not care about customer satisfaction in any way or form, I finally had to get the BBB after them in order to recover my $35 worth of minutes that should have been good for a year. It was only when the BBB contacted them, that T-Mobile at first offered me an insulting $5 credit. I refused this. After that, they finally returned my stolen minutes and the T-Mobile rep handling the case, was not truthful with the BBB when she said that I was not a Gold Member, (was that Gold Member message a figment of my imagination?) but as a token of peace (read, to get the BBB off their backs) they will give me a credit of $35 (which was mine in the first place). They also said if my minutes ever go down to zero, I will lose my Gold Customer status. How kind. Luckily it all ended well, but don't ever expect T-Mobile to care about their customers. We still use them, for the lack of finding a similar service for infrequent users, but I would have switched services in a heartbeat if they had not returned my minutes. So if you want to take a huge gamble with T-Mobile, you might be ok with T-Mobile To Go. Thanks!