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Table Tennis Xbox 360

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By simon on
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"Table Tennis" is a new and innovative game, one though, that you would only tend to play for fun at parties. Although it has great graphics, (which we have come to expect from the Xbox 360 catalogue) it fails with poor game-play. The first time you pick up the controller, you will think it's pretty good and fun, but after you play to 11 and most likely win, you will be yawning, still awaiting some good to come. It to me, was probably one of the most repetitive and disappointing games on the Xbox 360. The anticipation of what Rockstars first game on the Xbox 360, was most likely where the rave about "Table Tennis" came from. Being a big fan of Rockstars previous games myself, mainly the "Grand Theft Auto" and "Midnight Club" series, I was very stunned when I heard that Rockstars most awaited next game would be "Table Tennis", a game about a sport most people have never heard of or had the slightest interest in. But I gave it a chance, believing that being a fan of all their previous work would make me a fan of this 'polished' new title. Oh how I was wrong. This is one of the most undemanding and simplest games, in which could be won by just hitting the 'A' key for hours. Even the most novice gamers or a 3 year old could pick up the games controls relatively fast.

The game is much like a tennis game, in that you have the left analogue stick to move and adjust shot placement, 4 shot buttons, A, B, X, Y (with the alternative to use the right analogue stick) which control the spin on the ball, such as top spin, back spin and side spin. One of the most frustrating aspects of "Table Tennis" is the movement of your player around your end of the table. The tables are so small that one step in the wrong direction could easily spell the loss of that point. Although it is how table tennis is played, the speed of the game is quick, which means great attention is required to play out a match. If you turned your attention to something else for a split second, you could miss the end of the point. I found it quite difficult to attentively continue playing out a match without my mind wandering.

"Table Tennis" is listed at a budget price due to the limitations of the game, but the price is only a bargain if compared to the high price of other 360 titles, so you're ripped off either way. One of the most noted aspects of sporting games, is the creation centre, where you are able to create your own articles for the game. These include players, outfits, events and taunts etc. None of these are to be seen in "Table Tennis". Another limitation is the game-play. If you're a lone player, the game ends when you finish the tournament mode, as there is nothing else to do but play exhibition mode, which is nothing special.

If you want to make the most of your money, we recommend spending most your time playing on Xbox Live, where we believe is the answer to your endless fun especially if your a lone player.

In conclusion, "Table Tennis" has fantastic graphics and sound and although incredibly repetitive and simple it has pretty good game-play while it lasts.

Unless you have the money to waste, I would advise that you save up for another big title especially if you are a lone player or don't have Xbox Live.