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Tadoodles Crayons

Reviewing: Crayola 3ct. Washable Ta Doodles Crayon Buddies  |  Rating:
traceyb22 By traceyb22 on
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I saw these crayons and thought they would be great for son who was about 13 months at the time. If you haven't seen them, they are crayons that are in a cute, plastic holder. The holder is rounded and fits perfectly into little toddler hands. I thought they would be easy for him to hold and draw with. Boy, was I wrong!

The crayon part only comes out of the holder a bit and to write with them you you have to hold the crayon straight up and not angled at all or they don't write. My son had a hard time getting them into a position where they would write for him. Sometimes, I had a hard time. It's very awkward to write that way.

Also once the tip breaks off or is worn down, you are supposed to be able to adjust it up so that you can write more, but it constantly slips back in the holder and won't stay in place. That is if it will even stay in the holder. These crayons fall out constantly. They aren't very big, so of you child likes to put things in his mouth or bite them, they could also be a choking hazard.

I do have one good thing to say about these crayons. Their claim to be washable is is true. I have wiped them off of walls, windows, floors, and toys. (My son is quite the prolific writer!) They come right off with water or a baby wipe. This is great when your child hasn't figured out what "only color on your paper" means yet! I found the same washable crayons at Walmart without the holder. They are the size of regular crayons, but triangle-shaped and washable like the Tadoodles. If your looking for crayons for your toddler, I recommend those, not the Tadoodles!