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Take Away The Logo And There Is Nothing!

Reviewing: Ferrari Yellow  |  Rating:
scotlas71 By scotlas71 on
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Fast and sexy - well, thats what comes to mind when one thinks of yellow Ferrari's,

however, add to that pretentious, expensive and loud, then you may have a more rounded picture!

This Eau de Toilette is appropriately named as it encompasses many of the negative aspects of the car - at least in my humble opinion! It seems as though the manufacturer has tried a "more is better" approach and never truly researched the combination of scents they melded together.

Let me elaborate.

Its classic, simply designed packaging if the first layer in understated pretention - I

realize that this statement is an oxymoron, but, should you encounter this brand of fragrance, you will agree that the strength of this product is merely in the brand name!

A simple clear bottle with the Ferrari insignia - that's it - but that's enough to turn my

stomach... What makes a vehicle manufacturer believe that they can create a cologne?

Air freshener perhaps, but cologne?

The Scent.

Masculine? Not in my opinion. I find this fruity concoction a little too light and sweet

for a male - although for a male who drives a Ferrari? Perhaps! It is somewhat reminiscent of a fruit store in the heat of summer, which is not unpleasant, just immasculine.

Orange and Bergamot are the top ingredients in this attempt at an Eau de Toilette and, fortunately someone had the foresight to "butch this up a bit" with a touch of sandalwood and musk - however, their attempt failed in my opinion! The fusion of spearmint, vanilla and citrus just fails in smoothness and creates an odor that is somewhat confusing and sickly.

Value For Money.

On a positive note, this is pretty good value for your money due to the fact that a small amount lasts all day and the scent does not variate much with wear. It's as sweet in the evening as it is in the morning and equally as overpowering and "loud". At around $40-$50 per bottle, this is in the average price range for a decent fragrance - and is much cheaper than the car, although a little expensive when compared to enjoyable and well composed Eau de Toilettes!

Overall Opinion.

In case you haven't realized having read this far, I am not a fan of this Eau de Toilette. I haven't husband tested it, nor do I plan to. It's not in either of our favorite scent categories and will not grace our vanity quite yet! I would suggest this to a younger male as it is a fresh, young scent and I believe that a more mature gentleman may have a more developed olfactory sense and find this a little crass and unrefined.