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Take N Toss Flatware A Real Keeper!

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nekoneko By nekoneko on
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When I was getting ready to start my son on solid foods I wasn't thinking about if he liked Cars or Thomas the Train better. Instead I was looking specifically for something cost effective that could do one job: help me transfer food from a bowl to my son's mouth.

When looking at the pegs of flatware at the store (they were mixed in with the bowls, sippy cups, cups, bibs, etc.) I just couldn't justify spending two or three times as much for a couple of spoons with Lightning McQueen on them than if I got a pack of 12 or so spoons. My son doesn't notice the difference at all. He doesn't complain that the handle doen't have a pretty picture on it. All he cares about is the food on the end pointing toward him

The spoon is the perfect size for his tiny mouth, and the handle and bright colors are perfect for teaching him how to grab things that have a different shape and texture from his toys. In fact, he'll often slap his hand on his tray until I give him his own spoon to wave triumphantly as he eats his peas.

The best part, however, is the fact that they're washable and duable so I can use them again and again but so "cheap" that if I were to lose one while traveling with my son I would not think twice about it.

This is the point where I would usually give some sort of drawback to a product. To tell the honest truth, I can't thik of any. These spoons are absolutely wonderful. I would definitely buy them again if I ever tossed the ones I have now.