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Tale Of Betrayal And Revenge

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By lynnemg on
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Dolores Claiborne, written by famous novelist, Stephen King, is about a woman accussed of murdering her elderly employer. As the story unfolds, the reader finds that the main reason for the accussation is that Dolores killed once before and was never even charged with the crime due to a lack of evidence.

Steohen King creates a mother's worst nightmare in this book as he, through the eyes of Dolores, tells the tale of her abusive husband. The man was not only a wife-beater, he was also a child molester, which is exactly what threw Dolores over the edge and caused her to plot his death.

After finding that her husband molested their daughter, she waited until the time was just right, a solar eclipse, and made the drunken man angry enough to follow her through a field and fall into and abandoned well to his death. Lack of evidence saved Dolores from spending her life in prison because the death appeared to be a complete accident.

Through the eyes of Dolores Claiborne, we can see how she saught justice for the crimes her husband committed against not only her, but also her daughter.

Throughout the story, the reader see Dolores, not as a callous and hard criminal, but a mother who merely loved her daughter enough to protect her at all costs.