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Tales Of Symphonia For The Gamecube

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By fakedsympathy on
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Tales of Symphonia for the Gamecube is an RPG set in its own fictional world. Unlike many RPGs, Tales of Symphonia does not have a truly random battle system. Instead, while navigating areas with enemies, there are individual sprites representing monsters that you can choose to dodge(or run right into!). In fact, sometimes they may even chase you! In terms of the actual battle system, it is a real time action battle system in which you control one out of four members of your team and attempt to defeat another team of enemies. The game itsself has a unique control system, which does take a little bit of getting used to. In terms of the storyline, it is unparalleled in its depth. It goes so far as to highlight themes such as descrimination and human interaction. It is a story filled with suspenseful twists and emotional impacts so strong that sometimes I found it difficult to put down the controller.

Looking at the game in terms of its graphics and sound, I would have to say that graphically it was only average in comparison to the technology that was available when the game was released, however, musically, the score surpasses even some of the works of renowned composer Nobuo Uematsu, who writes for Square-Enix's Final Fantasy series. With such dynamic tracks, the music only adds to the already compelling experience, and the graphics, while they work well with the game itsself, can not be described as anything more than average.

I would highly recommend this title to anyone looking for an extraordinary gaming experience.