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Talk To Me

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There are a number of toothpastes in the market and we are almost confused what to choose and what not, if we are not prescribed a medicated one by our Dentist. There are a few toothpastes which have almost similar effectiveness and therefore one has trouble to decide very intelligently why they want to choose one and reject other. For me it was troublesome too to pick up closeup for my favorite aqua fresh, which is difficult to find these days in the market or may they had stopped their production.

The Closeup active gel red hot is a good choice I had made after shifting from my previous brand. The tooth paste comes in an attractive paper pack which roughly looks red though it is not exactly red. Inside of the pack is my paste, as attractive as that of the pack is. On opening the cap and squeezing the paste a dark red gel comes out with a refreshing smell. I generally take an amount sufficient to cover the entire surface of my tooth brush. The gel instantly spreads the area with a minty fragrance. I love the smell especially in the morning, while rubbing my eyes with folded hands and grabbing the brush with the paste to remind me of the morning freshness.

Ingredients used:

The ingredients used in the manufacturing of the toothpaste as mentioned in the pack are sorbitol, water, hydrated silica, sodium lauryl sulfate, PEG-32, flavor, cellulose gum, sodium fluoride, sodium saccharin, Cl-16255, and Cl-17200.

My experience with the paste:

The toothpaste forms great foam on brushing and a cool feel touches the gum and palates. It cleans the corners of my jaws and drains away smelly saliva along with the overnight germs with its foaming effect from my orum. After the brushing, I feel somewhat fresh for a long time and I guess it is the effect of mouthwash they uses in the toothpaste. The teeth dazzles until I take my breakfast. All the day long the freshness of my mouth continues, yet I take another brush with the tooth paste (lesser extent of paste this time; the size of a pea) after my dinner. I feel confidant of the freshness of my mouth and talk confidently to my friends. So far, no one had complained me about bad breath and so I feel proud continuing the brand of toothpaste. Moreover, the toothpaste uses micro whiteners to give an extra shine or dazzling to my teeth.

I still remember the punch line for the television ad of this Red hot paste and so the name of my review is aligned to the punch line, "Talk to Me".

Caution: Fluoride may be detrimental to health.

Good news: FDI World Dental Federation recognizes that twice daily brushing with a fluoride toothpaste is beneficial to oral health.

REMEMBER: A dazzling smile can only be possible if someone have dazzling teeth.