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Talladega Nights: 'The Ballad Of Ricky Bobby'

Reviewing: Columbia Pictures 2006 Dvd ( Home Version )  |  Rating:
David Nesteby By David Nesteby on
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This movie is one that Will Ferrell will always be glad he made. My 7 year old daughter knows who Will Ferrell is. This is the funniest act that Will has ever done. As I watch this one every day when my youngest returns from school, I can't help getting caught up in the story.

Ricky Bobby is the main character (who was born in a car) that becomes a race car driver, following his drunken fathers footsteps. As the movie progresses, Ricky grows into racing with his best friend Cal (already a driver) after being part of the pit crew, and they become a team for the racing company they work for. Ricky always wins with Cal's help.

A new french driver enters the scene and steps on Ricky's toes. The laughter begins when Ricky Bobby gets in a wreck with the new french driver, Jean Girard, and thinks that he is on fire after the wreck. The plot deepens as he is ridden with fear and affraid to come back into racing.

At the same time, as Ricky battles his fears, his assistant falls in love with him and his wife leaves him for his best friend. Ricky eventually climbs back into the race car and at the end of this funny flick, wins the race on foot against Jean Girard, and His friend Cal wins 1st place on a technicality.

The movie has great music that highlights the action, with music from such bands as AC/DC and Monster Magnet. The sound track is a great one that even has some Metalica and Pat Benatar in the wreck scene.

This is an awesome home movie for the family, with plenty of funny moments that will make you laugh non-stop. I recomend this great Will Ferrell Movie, as I am sure it will become a clasic.