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Tangerine Dream..

Reviewing: Unilever Suave Naturals Tangerine  |  Rating:
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For those of you who don't know me, I have hair... on my head, and lots of it! "I have hair too!" I hear you yell, then wonderful, this review is for you. Sadly, for those of you who are hair deprived, you may skip onto something more appropriate....

You're still here? Thanks for the interest....

Given the above statement in regard to my mane, I tend to find myself running off to the store in a panic as I am constantly faced with empty bottles of the products - oh, I forgot to state that my husband has extremely long hair also! Being Scottish and frugal, I tend to look for the more "affordable" brands, since Pantene is my favorite but at $1, 000 per bottle (hyperbole) I'd rather find something else and often bring home varying brands in a cornocopeia of colors and fragrances... To date, Suave Naturals is the best I have discovered.

Why Tangerine?

Why not? Honestly, I am writing about this one as I have just emerged from a shower and am currently relaxing by the computer with the gentle whiff of tangerine teasing my olfactory senses. I have tried most of the vast range of fragrances, and, besides the vanilla, this one is my favorite!

Why Suave?

My, you do have a lot of questions, but that's okay, my purpose is to inform...

Suave Naturals is not only gentle to my hair but I do tend to find that, with regular use, it has improved both the texture and sheen. Combine the shampoo with the conditioner of the same name, and you have a coupling that truly treats your hair and your purse well.

The Ingredients?

No, I am not going to list a bunch of words that I can't spell and you can't read, so let me appease you by saying that this version of Suave contains a plethora of cirus extracts and reads somewhat like a shopping list for a fruit store. Now, that can't be bad!


Between the price, the delightful scent and the cleansing/conditioning abilities that this brand possesses, I would recommend this to anyone.

It lathers beautifully and the regular person need not use more than a quarter sized blob - I tend to use too much and end up using it as a shower gel also. The conditioner leaves my hair smooth and silky with no greasiness or extra weight as other conditioners may, although you do tend to need to use quite a lot more conditioner than shampoo.

A sure bet for anyone who wants salon quality hair on a beggars budget!