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Tar Bar Filters For Quitting Smoking

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TarBar 30 pack Filters

While purchasing a pack of cigarettes, wasting precious hard-earned money, I saw this product called TarBar. The display was sitting near the register and boasted "For Smokers Who Can't Quit". Among other good benefits, the package claims the filters reduce tar without taking away from the taste. I bought them.

Quitting smoking is not easy. It is especially hard when smokers surround you. I have smoked on and off for years but I kicked the habit and stayed off it for years too. I am sad to say I fell off the wagon last year. I am weak. At first, I only smoked one or two cigarettes a day. Gradually, I increased to a pack a day. This is not good.

I know smoking is bad for me. I am usually very good about taking care of my body. I exercise and take vitamins daily. I have also started dieting to shed a few stubborn pounds.

I took my little package of TarBar cigarette filters to the car. It has 30 cigarette filters, which can be used up to seven times each. The filters are clear so you can see the black goop filling up the draw shaft and your lungs. Talk about negative reinforcement, this product really gets you thinking. If you accidentally use the filter too many times, you will get a taste of the disgusting black gunk right on your tongue. This leaves the most horrible taste in your mouth. This is the only side effect of using this product I can find.

After using the TarBar filters for a while, I started smoking less. The cigarette filters advertise they do not change the taste of the cigarette. Well, they do change the taste some: the smoke is lighter and harder to draw.

Before I saw these, I actually considered ordering myself another PhaseOut device. I bought the TarBar filters to see what they were, and if they might work, just as well as PhaseOut did so many years ago.

What I see with these cigarette filters is they really make me think about what I am doing to my body, and remind me I should quit smoking forever. That kind of negative reinforcement alone is an excellent deterrent. When I started using the TarBar filters, I cut back my smoking to an average of 8-10 cigarettes a day. After about a month of smoking less, and feeling better, I was able to completely quit smoking.

If you are interested in learning more about the product, there is a TarBar website.

If you Choose to Quit Smoking:

* You can reduce your chances of developing lung disease, lung cancer, COPD, or emphysema

* You can improve your circulation, stamina, and taste

* You can reduce your risk of heart disease and heart attack

* You will no longer smell or taste like an ashtray

* You can get rid of your smoker's cough

* You can save money