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Target Brand Contanct Lens Solution

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I am a huge fan of most Target brand products. The first one I tried was Target No Rub Multipurpose Solution. I have used Aosept (yep, the three steps with the little canister and all), Opti-Free, ReNu, Aquify, and probably a few others. For the most part, I don't notice a difference between any of the no rub solutions. Opti-Free and ReNu seemed to keep my lenses moisturized for more days then did some other brands. When I tried Wal-mart's store brand solution, I threw it out after three days.

I have blue eyes. Most of us blue eyed folks have very sensitive eyes. I'm one of the ones who does. Wearing contact lenses is as much a bad thing as it is good for me. In general, I go through loads of re-wetting drops and can only wear my lenses for 7 or 8 hours at the longest. That said, I am very picky about lens solution, which is why I have tried so many brands.

Which brings me back to Target brand no rub solution. It rings up at half the cost of Opti-Free. Even the twin packs are a significant savings over Opti-Free twin packs. I found it worked just as well as Opti-Free and ReNu, plus I was happier using it because I could also afford to buy a new book.

My lenses stayed moisturized and normal sized (you know how some crummy solution makes you feel like you put shrinky dinks in your lens case) for 30 days. I didn't have more lens-itch, like with other less expensive brands. I used my usual amount of re-wetting drops.

To explain my ratings of 4.5: The solution didn't make a significant improvement in any of my contact lense issues. There was still some itchiness after an hour of wear. They still became dry rather quickly. So, the -0.5 points was for purely selfish reasons. I believe anyone who is using one of the major brands successfully will notice no difference at all when they switch to Target brand.

Overall, Target's contact lens solution is a fantastic value. I will continue buying and using it.