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Target Chocolate Weight Loss Shakes Ick!

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a-w-omyn By a-w-omyn on
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Honestly, they should just be upfront and tell you that these are marshmallow flavored, because that's what they are. Chocolate? I got very little of that particular taste out of these.

That said, it's an acquired taste I suppose, and if you like marshmallow (like I do) and you're prepared for that fact, they're not THAT bad. If chocolate is what you're hoping for though (like I was), stay as far away as possible!

Other than the taste, which is truly disgusting if you don't like and/or don't want marshmallow flavored shakes, they're comparable to slimfast, in nutrition, menu plan, etc. And, they are a cheap alternative.

My father, who is not a fan of the marshmallowy 'goodness' hated these shakes with a passion, and it was enough to turn him off to giving any other flavors the time of day. Frankly, I wasn't willing to give vanilla or strawberry a try either, not if 'marshmallow' was the closest these people could come to chocolate!