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Target Infant Formula

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By dmk417 on
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I admit, I fell prey to the idea that name-brand formulas were the only way to ensure your child was getting the "right stuff" in thier diet. Every parent wants what is best for tehir child and their family, and so we sometimes spare no expense. It makes sense to worry, since this is the only food they get for a long time, and they continue to have it up to a year. But, all the formulas are monitored by the FDA. They have to be approved for their nutritional value, or a store can't sell them. Babies all need the same nutrition, and so it would follow taht all approved formulas contain basicallythe same ingredients. So, there I am, sitting down in the middle of the isle with my husband, reading and comparing the composition of Enfamil Lipil with Target Infant Formula. The only difference I can see from the labels is this: you get twice as much for half the price. So, we took it home and tried it. My daughter didn't seem to noticce a thing had changed. She ate it all. No bad effects, life went on. The only complaint I can come up with for Target Infant Formula is that it doesn't mix up as well as some of the name brands. So, shake it a little more. It's okay, because there aren't any bubbles in it! That, if you ask me, is worth all the money in the world, because a gassy baby is an unhappy one.