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Taxact Online Deluxe Federal State 2009

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I have been using this Taxact bundle for about five years, i use to do by hand with pencil and eraser. This program is so easy and when the new versions come out they e-mail me with a discounted price. We are only a few months away and that dreaded tax time is upon us again. I am no expert on taxes, but i think i'm pretty good. My family and friends all come to me with questions and for help. Really they could do this program, just scared of that tax man. I have found that if your life is pretty much the same, only the figures change from year to year. With Taxact helping it makes my job easier, and quicker. The program allows access to pass returns, security, service, and support. It is friendly to use, and shows all the changes that could affect your taxes. This year you can check out the Homebuyers Credit, the American Opportunity Credit, and the Making Work Pay credit, that may affect your taxes. The program takes you step by step and matches numbers on your W-2 with the program. Think this way: H&R Block sends out by computer, your accountant sends out by computer, Why can't you! With this easy program you can do it and the cost is low.

Example. A friend had taxes done by accountant for years. Just the average person with taxes. It costs him $360.00 to get done. Two years ago, the accountant gave him a break of $60.00. When i looked over the papers i saw a charge of $60.00 for a form not none- Some break... Now this person is doing his taxes on Taxact for $13.95 for both. You figure the saving, and he can't believe what he use to pay. This could be you!

Taxact is a great program and very friendly to use.

Update On Mar 16, 2010: I have been doing taxes and Tax Act is so easy. I think this will always be the one for me. If you have never tried an on line tax helper- do try this one..

Update On Aug 11, 2010: Been using this program for some time and it's so easy. Today got my e-mail to lock in at a lower price for 2011, when i do my taxes. Please look into this program if trying to do your taxes in 2011 or trying to do them the first time.