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Taylor Analog Scale Helps Measure Body Mass Index

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Taylor Analog Scale

Most every home has a bathroom scale and mine is no exception. My home is equipped with a Taylor analog (or mechanical) scale. I chose an analog scale for its price and familiarity. While a digital scale may provide a numeric readout, an analog scale will show how much a person weighs and save a few dollars in the process.

A Taylor analog scale has an easy to read rotating dial and a durable ribbed mat. The white color will go with most any bathroom decor. The scale should be placed on a hard, level floor space to work properly. Allow the scale to reach room temperature before using. Step on and off the scale several times, allowing the dial to come to rest each time before stepping back off. Adjust the dial to zero using the adjustment wheel located at the bottom end of the scale.

When weighing yourself on an analog scale it is important remain flat footed with your feet firmly on the scale. Do not rest your foot over the edge of the scale. Shifting your weight forward or backward will cause the scale reading to fluctuate, giving the impression that the scale is not working properly or inaccurately. I like to weigh myself several times to make sure that I am getting an accurate, consistent reading.

Body-mass-index is determined from a person’s weight and height. Most people know their height, but need a scale to keep track of their weight. That is where a Taylor analog scale comes in handy. By knowing height and weight, a person can easily use a BMI calculator to determine their body-mass-index. The ‘Center for Disease Control and Prevention’ contains several health widgets, including a BMI calculator.

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