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Td Canada Trust Home Insurance

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We are quite supportive of the TD CanadaTrust group of services given that we have practically everything covered via their insurance, including Life and Accidental Death coverage - so it was a no brainer to also choose them to insure our home and contents.

I really like the idea that obtaining Insurance through them is so easy. We called a 1-866 number when we moved into our current home and after only about 10 minutes we were completely and fully covered with the policy going into effect immediately.

At the time we moved in we still had a waterbed for one of the children and so chose to have a 1Million dollar damage coverage just in case it decided to spring a leak. We are fully insured against fire, theft, damage that any trees in the area may do to the home if heaven forbid one were to fall on top of us. We also have flood coverage but are high enough and not near any water source that flooding is not really a danger.

As we are in a Condominium those areas that are common including our roof, siding, brick, window replacements etc., are all covered underneath the umbrella insurance that is carried by the Condominium Corporation and included in the monthly fees that are paid by every home owner in the group. The reason we chose to have coverage against things such as a tree falling on us was due to the fact that if the roof were to cave in because of it - we wanted to ensure that our contents inside would be protected.

Overall, our premiums are extremely reasonable, only $60 per month, automatically deducted from our bank account once per month. We've had this particular home insurance for over 5 years now and so far, thankfully, we've not had to make any claims. It's nice to know though that should anything that we purchase at any time come into our home and end up damaged, stolen etc., it can be replaced for the current market cost to do so.

We do have to upgrade our insurance shortly as we have acquired a number of items that we want to ensure are going to be fully covered as well. We have a $200, 000 content policy which includes jewelery and Furs (yes I have one of those - it's from a long time ago when Furs were vogue :) but I keep it because my husband bought it for our 10th anniversary). Even our pets are insured under this particular policy - that's pretty great too, but only if something such as death by fire should happen to them - hopefully we'll never have to exercise that benefit.

We are fully insured if someone is working at our home doing repairs etc., against any liability should they be injured etc. Although the Insurance company doesn't require photos of all of our contents, we thought it would be a good idea to have them anyway just in case, so they are all stored on a CD which is kept elsewhere away from the home just in case.

We received discounts, including discounts for "all floor" installed fire/smoke detectors and Alarm system and I believe there is a no claims discount that recently became part of the package. Due to the fact that we have several other types of insurance through them as well these discounts add up to great savings so we won't be switching any time soon.